Les gîtes de Malmousque

The district of Malmousque

The feet in the water in the city center of Marseille, Malmousque is a village in the 7th arrondissement with many treasures of the Marseille of yesteryear. We love to get lost in the labyrinth of its streets with names as evocative as the « Traverse of the False Money », or the « Street goes to the Calanque ». These are all equally small and tortuous and all seem in one way or another to lead to a small cove or a small fishing port.

The neighborhood is so quiet that it has its rest center of the Foreign Legion. As well as the Military Baths, a seaside complex reserved for the military and their families. On all the coast of Malmousque, the hidden jewels do not miss. Whether overlooking the beautiful Archipelago of Endoume, Degaby Island or tasting side with two of the most prestigious restaurants in Marseille to discover the specialties of the area.

The water is very clear, far from the « basins » that can be The Catalans, the Red Point or the Prophet and especially if we consider that we are close to the city center. The corner is very widely frequented by regulars. It is not uncommon for the most assiduous to grab a piece of rock that they sometimes go to arrange to be able to install umbrellas and fishing poles. Go swimming in Malmousque is not only the assurance of a good day at the sea, but also a dive in the picturesque Marseilles of yesteryear.    


On the peninsula of Malmousque, next to the right of Petit Nice is a sheltered cove with a small pebble beach accessible by stairs. In summer, putting your towel in this small cove is however a feat. The Fausse de Monnaie beach next to the small port of the same name is a tiny cove with some rocks. A good alternative if the place around was missing.

Called this way because it is located under the restaurant of the same name, also one of the most famous of Marseille, the Petit Nice is an appointment of regulars who frequent the place all year. Yes, we bathe even in winter at Petit Nice we say it. In the middle of the season, everyone is looking for his piece of rock to put his towel on. The lack of space favors a certain proximity that is never unbearable due to the rugged terrain of the rocks. If access to the sea is not difficult, it is not recommended for children and the elderly. The rocks can be very slippery and / or sharp.

Usuel Informations :

How to come ?

From the station take metro 1, direction La Fourragère. Get off at the Vieux-Port – Hôtel de Ville station. (2 stops) exit and admire the Old Port while waiting for bus 83. Take the direction Rondo Rond Point Metro. Enjoy the ride that will take you on the ledge and get off at the Endoume station. It is enough to go down towards the sea, the handle of Malmousque is indicated. When you arrive on the small port you will have to climb a few steps to reach the huts on the ledge.

To park :

In the streets around the Anse de Malmousque or at the Foreign Legion car park (free) There are also platforms for exchanges between individuals, some examples:

Have to do :

Visit the public park and Villa Valmer Bathing at the beach of the Catalans, the Vallon des Auffes, or the circle of swimmers (nautical club or trained the champions of France such as Manaudou or Bousquet …) Discover the tide gauge (« monument », zero point of all altitudes) Enjoy shuttles at the « oven with shuttles » (the oldest bakery in Marseille) Enjoy a sea trip with our partner Localanque

Where to shop :

Casino at 221 Corniche President John Fitzgerald Kennedy or Carrefour Market, Place du 4 Septembre. Bakery La vague Gourmande at 209 Corniche Promenade John Kennedy

Nearby restaurants :

Chez Fonfon The restaurant invites you to come and eat a Bouillabaisse or enjoy our fish specialties in the heart of the Vallon des auffes. Le Petit Nice Gérald Passedat presents the Petit-Nice Passedat, a gourmet 3-star restaurant specializing in Mediterranean fish and a reinvented bouillabaisse The landing net offers a breathtaking view of the sea that invites you to indulge in the rhythm of the comings and goings of the fishing boats of Vallon des Auffes Chez Jeannot Alexandre Pinna welcomes you in his restaurant Pizzeria Chez Jeannot specialties of Provence, Pizza, butcher’s pieces, fresh pasta. Chez Michel Located in front of the beach of Catalans, Chez Michel is a 1-star restaurant specializing in Bouillabaisse and seafood installed since 1946

Your luggage :

It is difficult for us to keep a baggage you will have to see directly with us the day of your arrival. By cons, if it was not possible there are instructions at the station.